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Most business owners make an effort to tend to the exterior of their facilities/property.

Some go the extra mile to stay on top of their maintenance and aesthetics in an effort to impress existing customers and appeal to new ones.

Few, though, understand the full importance of professional surface restoration - it is far more critical than what meets the eye.

To Encompass, "cleaning up shop" entails much more than dusting cobwebs and cutting grass.

The deterioration that organic growth, rust, grease, oil, calcium, efflorescence, etc. can wreak on your property and its structural integrity is costly and far-reaching, yet preventable.

Not only will we restore your structure and its optics, we will save you the hassle and expenses that would otherwise arise in the future due to much deeper complications.

Our expertise empowers us to approach any surface, in any setting, with aptitude and poise.

Wielding an arsenal of top notch equipment - and specialized cleaning solutions - we penetrate, restore, and invoke protective properties that shield your surfaces for an extended period of time.

We are up for almost any job/task, but here are a few examples of our commercial capabilities:

Office buildings, storefronts, apartment communities, restaurants, warehouses, parking

lots/garages, statues, fountains, pools, sealed insulation, fleet vehicles, machinery, sidewalks,

curbs, stairs, railings, fences, signs, windows, roofs, gutters, wood restoration/staining/sealing,


Our equipment provides us with another distinct edge over our competitors:

4x4 Ford F150 Trucks, 14-foot Trailers

Extensive Employee PPE + Property Protection Training, Materials, & Safeguarding Methods

Independent Power (Heat), Pressure, & Soft Wash Units

Gas-Powered Soft Wash System Capable of Reaching Six Stories High

RO & DI Four Stage Water Filtration Spot-Free Window Cleaning Unit

55' Extendable Carbon Fiber Poles with Varying Specialized Window Cleaning Brushes

XERO Screen Cleaning System & Proper Screen Removal Tool

Whisper Wash Mondo Force 48″, Whisper Wash Pro Maxima 24" Surface Cleaners

Multiple 200' Hoses/Lines, 550 Gallon Water Tanks, Multiple 35 Gallon Chemical Tanks

Water Reclamation & Filtration System

Varying Guns and Tips - All Necessary Pressures and Distances - Ball Valves, Custom J-Rods

Graco Ultra Max II 490 PC Pro Airless Paint & Stain Sprayer

Wide Array of Staining/Sealing/Painting Equipment, Tools, & Materials

…and more.

Our reclamation unit allows us to capture/filter dirty run-off water (required within city limits).

Fully Licensed & Insured - OSHA Compliant - PWNA-Trained & Certified - F9 Authorized

maintaining your building and its surroundings is imperative

enhance your allure, longevity and competitive edge

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